About company

You are what you eat

Our Company was founded in 1998 by Audrone Budreckiene. From an early age, her life has been about food. First she worked in a candy shop and many years selling ice cream. As much as she loved sweets, she also liked to cook and experiment in the kitchen. One day she decided to try out different dumpling recipes from her grandmother, who worked in a kitchen for a royal duke. She knew a lot of recipes of dumplings and how to make the perfect dough, as it was the Duke’s favourite meal.

‘‘As a kid I remember waiting for my grandmother to call me to help her in the kitchen. I remember pouring piles of flour on a large oak board, then beating eggs on it. Kneading dough and forming dumplings was my favourite part. The kitchen was full of colourful smells, floury hands, boiling water. And finally our whole family was eating together those amazing dumplings, which we had made ourselves, this brings back the best memories of my childhood‘‘ – says Audrone.

“I always wanted our clients to have the same experience and taste, that our handmade products are made with lots of love and from organic ingredients with the highest quality possible.”

Now we are one of the biggest enterprises of semi-frozen products in Lithuania.

Having understood our consumers’ needs and having offered delicious, high quality products, we gained buyers’ confidence and ensured a significant share of the market.

We are glad to establish new workplaces in the enterprise to the residents of Joniškis District as well as to support the initiatives to embellish our native land, to preserve Lithuanian culinary traditions. Our team works for one goal, to show people that we care about our old traditions. We want to keep them and also adapt them with the newest food trends.

We believe wholeheartedly in our products, as well as in high quality standards and just good and non-toxic food. We love to create new tastes and most of all we love to make people happy!

‘You are what you eat’ – everything starts on our plates. Food brings us together, so lets feel the JOY of healthy, organic and tasty food together !